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Introduction to
Sublimation 101

This is a 2 hour,1-on-1 course that will introduce you to the world of Sublimation and what it can allow you to be able to  create! Let us guide you step by step in the basics of sublimation. 

Not only will we show you how to do what is needed, but we will guide you through doing it yourself!

This means that during the class you will be creating your own items,

and going through the process yourself,

with us right there guiding you!

During the course of the class, you will be creating at least one item of your choice. If time allows,

We may create more!

What is Covered?

Here is what you learn!

  • What sublimation is

  • We discuss the different methods with which you can print sublimation

  • What is needed for sublimation 

    • Printers​

    • Ink

    • Software

    • Heat Presses

    • Blanks

  • Basic heat press usage

  • Template creation

  • Creating your artwork and placement in template

  • Sending your print to the printer

  • Heat press -Time, Temperature, and pressure

  • How to adjust your heat press- Time, Temperature, and pressure

  • Pressing your item

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