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We now offer Training Classes in a variety of areas!

During these classes you will work 1-on-1 with us to learn your chosen Class.

You will not only learn from watching us do it and explain it to you, but you will also be doing it hands on with us!

Make sure to bring a notebook as you will surely want to take notes on everything you learn!

By the time the class is over, you will have created at least 1 product (more than likely a couple) Yourself!

Have you thought about creating your own items?

Have you thought about trying out a particular way of personalizing an item?

Are you an artist and want to create your own items for sale?

Do you think you have a great idea for the next killer shirt design?

If you answered yes to even 1 of the above questions, contact us and we will see how we can help you!

We even have the option of you being able to come in to our shop

after you have taken a class and use our equipment,

and make your own items!

In the area below, click on the topic that interests you the most to learn more!

Make sure to check back as we will be offering more classes and services!


Sublimation Printing

Sign up for a class in Sublimation!


Button Making

Sign up for a class in learning how to make classic, Pin-Back Buttons


Laser Engraving

Sign up for a class in Laser Engraving!


Apparel Decorating

Sign up for a class in Apparel Decorating

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